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Yes. There are companies that will make all kinds of fancy videos for you with special effects and whatever else your heart desires, but you should expect to spend between $1000-$5000 per finished MINUTE of footage if you hire them.

As an alternative, we offer a clean white background that lets your MESSAGE be the star without DISTRACTING your audience. It’s clean, simple and costs you FAR less. 
 Another advantage of the white background is that it is much less likely to look dated.

For example, if you think about using a corporate boardroom as your backdrop, there are questions to consider. How much different does a boardroom today look than one from five or ten years ago? Or even a boardroom as far back as the 70s? Groovy, isn’t it? The style may come back eventually, but we want your videos to stand the test of time.

No. Why not? Our pricing is tied to efficiency. It has been our experience that people who do not do this every day are hypersensitive and overly critical in regard to their looks and how they sound. Unnecessary retakes clog our production and drive up costs, so we decided against it. We hope you understand.
Imagine this scenario: It is the middle of the night and a potential customer needs help. Unless you are open 24/7 OR you are using customer service and marketing videos on your website that can help them, they will GO TO SOMEONE ELSE. The “someone else” that is capable of helping them sooner rather than later. Think of sales, marketing and customer service videos as VIRTUAL EMPLOYEES that work 24/7/365 without ever screwing up, asking for raises, calling in sick or leaving to compete with you.
We are not perfect. Nobody around here has the last name De Niro or Scorsese that’s for sure, but we do make every effort to produce a quality product. We encourage our spokesmodels to be “real” and “authentic.” If one of our spokesmodels blinks one too many times, pauses a split second longer than you think they should, or has a minor stumble that very few or your prospects would ever notice, than we probably are not for you. The folks that charge $1000-$5000 for each finished minute of video footage build the cost of what everyone else considers “unnecessary retakes” into their high prices. We don’t. If we screw something up and you hate it, we will redo it or refund your money. It is as simple as that. If you overlooked providing specifics, such as to how to pronounce a person or product name when you placed your order, we would do our best, but we can only work with the information that is provided. We also ask customers to provide scripts that have been proofread for errors. Thanks for choosing

If you want to order product videos for your website or social media channels here is how our system works. Go to the order a video tab on our site and submit your scripts. Next, send an email to that includes a copy of your packing list, a general description of contents, approximate size and weight of your package and expected date of arrival. Please remember to include a prepaid self-addressed package so we can get your items back to you in a timely fashion. Also, we ask that you require a signature from us at the time of delivery. You’re going to need our shipping address of course. It will be emailed over shortly after the videos are ordered. Also, it important to know that we don’t anticipate any problems however; is not responsible for any wear and tear or damage during shipping, handling, or filming.

Thank you for choosing

Undoubtedly, you have jealous competitors with a vested interest in damaging you and your reputation online. You could also be the target of ignorant or bored people who think it is fun to go online and disparage others. Either way, if you are trying to create an online presence using new media, videos and other social media tools to establish your authority as a subject matter expert online, then you will need to know how to deal with these people.

Sure, you can delete their negative comments or setup your account profiles to screen their comments before they get posted, but is that the best way to handle it? Surprisingly, the answer might be no.

At a conference in San Diego recently, one of our owners had the opportunity to visit with Paul Colligan, who is a well-known online marketing expert. Our owner told him about, a company that sells home drug tests and home drug test kits online to parents.

As you can imagine, there are all kinds of people (drug users in particular) who do not consider the similarities between a parent looking at a report card to MAKE SURE their kids are doing well in school and parents looking at the results of a drug test at home to MAKE SURE their kids are living a drug free lifestyle. Comments directed at TestMyTeen.comʼs Facebook page, YouTube channel and blogs are often less than complimentary.

Paul did not see this as an obstacle. He saw it as an opportunity. What better social proof could possibly put on display than a bunch of critics arguing about why it is no big deal for kids to experiment with drugs?

Let critics argue that a 12-year-old kid's “right to privacy” in the home should outweigh things as the legal and health dangers of heroin use, cocaine use, or possession. If parents had any doubt about how accessible drugs were to their kids or how little fear of consequences so many kids have regarding drugs, what better way to show them than to let them see it for themselves? The more TestMyTeen.comʼs opponents try to discredit their online website promotion and website marketing strategy, the more the critics demonstrate the nationwide need for their services.

Based on that discussion with Paul, there may be plenty of incidents where it is best to “love the hate” and resist the urge to silence your critics online. Turn your adversaries into allies.

If your critics have a legitimate concern or complaint, acknowledge it, apologize quickly, deal with it professionally and learn how to prevent a reoccurrence. If you do, then most people are likely to respect your efforts, and you learn how to improve. It’s a win-win

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