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Top Video Ideas Revealed!

    If you don’t know what to say or what kind of videos to create, you're not alone. Here are 15 of the best ideas I’ve come across and I hope they help.

  1. I have to give credit where it’s due. Internet marketer Mike Koenigs, who those of us around here have a ton of respect for, encourages business to start producing videos that answer the 10 most frequently asked questions.
  2. Then Mike encourages businesses to produce videos that answer the 10 “SHOULD ASK” questions. They are the questions that customers WOULD ask if they knew as much about your products, services or industry as you did. These questions are the ones that really establish you as a subject matter expert and advocate for your customer, because they position you and your company as the resource that helps them avoid unnecessary mistakes, problems and pitfalls they didn’t even know about.
  3. Our friend Tom Ruwich here in St. Louis, encourages business owners to create videos that answer buyer objections.
  4. Videos that explain how to solve common problems are popular in customer service applications.
  5. Videos that train employees and explain procedures save managers time and ensure consistent standards of employee training.
  6. Definitely consider making welcome videos and trailers for your YouTube channel that welcome viewers and explain what your video channel can do for them and the benefits of subscribing and sharing with friends.
  7. You might also consider videos that welcome people to your website and make special offers.
  8. Prospects and customers love stories. If you can make videos that tell short stories and build value while educating, entertaining or inspiring members of your ideal audience, go for it
  9. You could make videos that read testimonials from customers.
  10. You could take on myths and misconceptions in videos and try to set the record straight.
  11. You can put out videos that offer valuable tips that save people money and help them achieve things they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Give them something they can share throughout their social media channels and hopefully they will go viral through the networks of your ideal prospects and customers. 3 Tips on ______ 4 Ways to ______ The #1 Secret of______. You get the idea.
  12. Talk about special reports and relevant research or other third party content that supports the need for your company’s offerings.
  13. Offer comparisons, reviews and evaluations of products or services.
  14. Talk about mistakes you see prospects or clients make and how they can avoid them.
  15. Discuss “shocking statistics” that capture attention and discuss their relevance to your ideal prospects. Don’t forget to cite the source.

Maximize the Impact of Your Videos

  1. Content Layout: As it related to content, the best advice I’ve seen in a long time comes from Internet marketing professional Mike Koenigs. His advice is straightforward. Introduce yourself. Ask if viewers are looking for the answer to a specific question or solution to a specific problem. Then let them know they’ve come to the right place because you’re going to help them.

    After that, tell them the benefits of having the answer or solving the problem. Answer the question. Provide the solution and tell them how the solution or answer works. If possible, try to think of something... like another use or application of the solution /answer you gave them they probably wouldn’t have thought of and say so. Then wrap it up with a call to action and let them know what to do next, how to contact you or take whatever next steps you want them to take.

  2. Keyword Positioning: Stuffing too many keywords in the beginning of a video can chase your audience away. If you can easily place a couple in the intro, go ahead if it sounds authentic and not like a sales pitch. Load up the keywords in the call to action at the end.
  3. Titling: While involving keywords, make sure the title is relevant to the video content. Don’t promise X in the title and fail to deliver it.
  4. Length of Videos: Leave the audience wanting more. Keep their attention. In addition to these benefits, short videos allow you to make MORE videos which translate to more search engine content for you. Less is often more when it comes to video length.
  5. Avoid dating content: Avoid mentioning things such as the current president or the last winner of the World Cup. These small details probably aren’t important to your content and can make your video obsolete and outdated. The same goes with the background of the video. Using plain backgrounds keeps the video from becoming dated.

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